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Wills & Estates

In the emotional time following the death of someone close to you, it can be hard to navigate the intricacies of settling an estate. Probate Law ensures orderly estate administration. Probate is primarily a process through which title is transferred from the name of the deceased to the names of the beneficiaries. There is no set amount of time the process must take. Certain types of assets, called “non-probate assets,” do not go through probate. There are two types of probate procedures:


An objection to a will, or will contest, does occur and also costs a lot to deal with legally. Disputes often arise if the will divides the estate unevenly among siblings, when different versions of the will vary greatly, or if parties disagree over the choice of Executor. Do you have questions about the details of your inheritance? Contact the Law Office of Wendy Andre, PC, today.

Serving as an Executor

Executors must follow a very specific set of duties as they oversee the administration of the estate. If you serve as Executor, you will be reimbursed for all legitimate out-of-pocket expenses and you may be entitled to statutory fees. To find out what you are owed, and to ensure you fulfill the required duties, contact Wendy Andre today.