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You would do anything for your children. If you’re a parent of a child, your rights to a relationship with your own children, and/or the means you need to support them could be in jeopardy.


Children have the right to know their parents and to have their parents involved in their lives. To prove the paternity of a child, you must file a Complaint to Establish Paternity.

Child Custody

The court always considers the best interests of the child in determining how to award child custody and visitation. But the proper representation can ensure the court fully understands your child’s needs.

Child Support

No child should have to struggle or subsist if his parent has the means to sustain him.


Deciding to legally raise another’s biological child as your own is a loving and generous way to grow your family. Adoption law differs from state to state, and federal laws also affect many procedures connected with the adoption process. Whether you are an adopting parent, someone putting your child up for adoption, or searching for your own family members, it's important to learn what these laws do and don't allow.

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