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Estate Planning

There are few people who take pleasure in discussing death or incapacity. It’s a topic most people avoid for many reasons. It reminds us of our all-too-short mortality. For some, it brings back painful memories of the death of a loved one. For others, it creates fear and uncertainty. While it is a topic most people don’t like to think about, it is probably one of the most important.

The Questions are Many

If you die tomorrow, who will take care of your children—will those left behind know how to care for your children? Who will get your home? How will the funeral be paid for? What will happen to your disabled adult child? Will all of your assets be “lost” to federal and estate taxes? If you become incapacitated tomorrow, do you want to stay on life support—who will make medical decisions on your behalf if you are not able to express them yourself? Who will manage your finances?

Without an estate plan, those you love most will be forced to make difficult decisions without your guidance. In worst case scenarios, the decisions may even be made by the courts and determined by law as opposed to your personal wishes. Do you want to leave the consequences of your death and illness to strangers or would you rest easier knowing that your children and your family will be taken care of and your wishes concerning your own medical care will govern?

We are Here to Guide You

No two estate plans are the same because no two families are the same. Your estate plan will be tailored to your needs. We will work with you to identify the best methods of protecting you, your family and your assets. To learn about your options, contact The Law Office of Wendy Andre, PC. We are here to help you through the most difficult of decision making processes, to advise you of your options and to help you make the choice that is best for you.